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CCTV Surveys

Look what we found when undertaking a pre-condition #CCTV#Drainage#Survey last week.

It looks as if the pipe was broken during the installation of a new PE #Gas main, we can see what looks to be a concrete slab bridging the broken pipe and the gas main resting on top.

This damage was completely avoidable.

Tracing the line and level of existing drainage systems is an important part of a #utilitysurvey that we undertake for clients so they avoid instances like this. Damaged drainage systems can lead to later failing of the surrounding ground make up and eventually failure of the surface course which can lead to the damage of other services and a hefty insurance claim.

It’s important to make sure that all teams installing utilities have the knowledge and tools to undertake a proper survey prior to excavation.

We can provide you and your teams with a survey package to suit your site-specific need, from simple advice on process and paint on the ground to producing drawings and feasibility studies at a planning stage.

If you have any queries or would like to know more please e-mail

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