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Importance of Utility Stats

Obtaining utility drawings is an especially important first step in any project where ground is to be broken. Understanding how to read them properly, their limitations and the need to have them confirmed can play a vital part in ensuring your project runs smoothly and #safely.

The attached is a drawing we were provided to assist us undertake a recent #utilitysurvey.

We noticed that there are only low voltage (LV) cables running along one side of the street, this means that the houses on the opposite side of the road will have their #electricity supplies crossing the carriageway(CW). This drawing had an individual CW crossing shown for each property as well as the feeds for No’s 23 & 25 going right through 21.

During survey we found that many of the properties had shared crossings while others were in fact fed from another side (21-25) than shown. We did this by connecting our genny to each property. These positions were then confirmed using #groundpenetratingradar before we produced a drawing.

Depending on the task at hand, if you spot a road with a single LV, we recommend allowing extra time in your program of works.

If you need any assistance obtaining utility drawings or verifying their findings, we are always happy to help.

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