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People Protection Surveys

As well as full #PAS128#surveys, we often assist clients with plant/people protection surveys ahead of digging where paint on the ground is the only requirement.

When doing these surveys, it is a great opportunity to speak to the teams that undertake the hard and unfortunately dangerous work.

Without fail, someone will ask if or say that our equipment is better and explain that their CAT4 “is sh**e”.

The truth is that we could do the same survey using their equipment, provided they have clips and a clamp to go with their signal generator. We believe that anyone can be taught to get the best out of their equipment with the correct training, and that it is vital to ensure that they all go home #safe at the end of the day.

Below is a photo of a typical junction in a residential area. You can see that there are multiple utilities crossing in a tight formation. By connecting our genny to each service individually, either with the clips or induction clamp, we can trace each service.

Using the genny with the CAT is vital to being able to locate services accurately. While we can never be 100% in identifying signals without trial holes, we can undertake a thorough investigation and make reasonably accurate assumptions on those findings.

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